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The Urdang Medal (1952) is awarded, through an annual international competition, for "distinguished pharmaco-historical writing".
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Titlepage: Kremers' and Urdang's History of Pharmacy. Fourth edition, revised by Glenn Sonnedecker.

Philadelphia 1976


Click for full size! Here Sonnedecker discusses some rare pharmacy books with Peter Stechl, a German doctorand student (1969)

(Stechl, Peter: "Biological Standardization of Drugs before 1928", Madison 1969)

Click for full size! Upon the death of Urdang, his family conveyed the contents of his study at home to the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy to create a workplace known as the "Urdang Room". Shown at work there (1969) is Urdang's successor as a director of the AIHP.
Click for full size! In Madison (1999), Professor-emeritus Glenn Sonnedecker (at right) acquaints Holger Goetzendorff of Germany with the structure of a 700-drawer pharmaco-historical file, where many of the Urdang documents reproduced in this booklet were found